Wednesday, April 1, 2009

waste baskets & a laundry hamper

I remember when we moved here I felt overwhelmed at all the stuff we had to find to set up an apartment. Things that you accumulate at home, hand-me-down junk from family and friends, leftover college relics - that stuff isn't here unless you paid to ship it.

Waste baskets: One dark blue kitchen waste basket with a lid, big enough to collect two or three days of banana peels and apple cores. Of course, in this heat, you'll want to take the trash out before it walks on its own. And two small white plastic waste baskets for a bathroom or bedroom. $5 for kitchen wastebasket; $5 for both small baskets

Laundry hamper: Large cream colored plastic mesh round hamper with a lid. We never bother with the lid but we'll find it to pass along to you. $7

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