Wednesday, April 1, 2009

treadmill, dear friend

And here is my treadmill. I debated joining a gym this year and decided that a treadmill would be a better use of my money. For me, having a treadmill means that I can run while Claire naps or get up early (ridiculously early) to get a run in before the school day. As a woman, the treadmill also means not getting hollered and whistled at when I run.

I still run outside occasionally and enjoy it; there are some good routes around here. You can join a Colombian running group if you like or chat with runners on Bolivar's faculty and find a partner. But if you're planning to live here for a couple of years, this might be worth your money for those rainy days. If you're a walker, this is a great option too. I purchased this treadmill in August 2008 at the Gym Shop here in Cali. The store warranty (tune-ups, repairs, parts replacement) is one year and if I work through Gym Shop to resell this to you, I think you could get the warranty extended. Gym Shop has been good about repairs: the back roller was replaced in January at no cost to me. Before I leave in June, I will have a Gym Shop technician come to check all treadmill parts for needed repair.

I consistently put forty to fifty miles a week on the treadmill and think that it's a good piece of equipment. Reviews of the Crosswalk suggest that it isn't up to an intense run but I frequently do ten or eleven mile runs on it (8 - 8:20 minute/mile) and have been happy with the speed work I get done too. I have never maxed out the speed and don't plan to since a six minute mile sounds terrifying right now.

I paid almost three times what this treadmill sells for in the States. I am not looking to recoup that but if you're thinking about buying a treadmill, please consider mine. It's in good condition and to buy new elsewhere is costly. $500

a closet shelf for you

I was wandering around the apartment looking for more stuff to hock when I looked in our Suitcase Closet. That's most of what's in there right now, but look what else I found!Christmas lights: multi-colored with programmable blinking patterns, and a string of white. It may look like they're in a big knot but each strand is actually wound in loops and tied. $10

Light bulbs. When you get to your apartment you might be surprised to find no light bulbs or fixtures (glass domes, paper covers). The little bulbs belong to night lights. $5

Light fixture: this is hanging fixture is new and was purchased when Justin and I realized we hated our kitchen's humming fluorescent light. So why is it still in a box? Good question. Might have something to do with our baby arriving and things like this getting, ahem, shelved. $15

grilling out?

We bought this grill last year from another import teacher who was on her way back to Canada. And this is pretty much where it's sat for this year, tucked between the coffee tree and the palms. We grilled twice. It worked. It's a small grill so if you're hosting a party, you'll need to grill burgers in shifts. Buy the grill and we'll throw in whatever fire starter charcoal matches we have left too. $15

wrinkle free! iron & ironing board

Another small appliance we didn't bother to bring down. You can find irons for a range of prices at Home Center or La14 or CarreFour. Or you can take my word that ours works.The iron is basic, a Black&Decker AvantSteam with six heat settings. The ironing board looks tiny compared to most boards in North America but it gets the job done. $10 for iron; $10 for board

waste baskets & a laundry hamper

I remember when we moved here I felt overwhelmed at all the stuff we had to find to set up an apartment. Things that you accumulate at home, hand-me-down junk from family and friends, leftover college relics - that stuff isn't here unless you paid to ship it.

Waste baskets: One dark blue kitchen waste basket with a lid, big enough to collect two or three days of banana peels and apple cores. Of course, in this heat, you'll want to take the trash out before it walks on its own. And two small white plastic waste baskets for a bathroom or bedroom. $5 for kitchen wastebasket; $5 for both small baskets

Laundry hamper: Large cream colored plastic mesh round hamper with a lid. We never bother with the lid but we'll find it to pass along to you. $7