Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a closet shelf for you

I was wandering around the apartment looking for more stuff to hock when I looked in our Suitcase Closet. That's most of what's in there right now, but look what else I found!Christmas lights: multi-colored with programmable blinking patterns, and a string of white. It may look like they're in a big knot but each strand is actually wound in loops and tied. $10

Light bulbs. When you get to your apartment you might be surprised to find no light bulbs or fixtures (glass domes, paper covers). The little bulbs belong to night lights. $5

Light fixture: this is hanging fixture is new and was purchased when Justin and I realized we hated our kitchen's humming fluorescent light. So why is it still in a box? Good question. Might have something to do with our baby arriving and things like this getting, ahem, shelved. $15

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