Wednesday, April 1, 2009

treadmill, dear friend

And here is my treadmill. I debated joining a gym this year and decided that a treadmill would be a better use of my money. For me, having a treadmill means that I can run while Claire naps or get up early (ridiculously early) to get a run in before the school day. As a woman, the treadmill also means not getting hollered and whistled at when I run.

I still run outside occasionally and enjoy it; there are some good routes around here. You can join a Colombian running group if you like or chat with runners on Bolivar's faculty and find a partner. But if you're planning to live here for a couple of years, this might be worth your money for those rainy days. If you're a walker, this is a great option too. I purchased this treadmill in August 2008 at the Gym Shop here in Cali. The store warranty (tune-ups, repairs, parts replacement) is one year and if I work through Gym Shop to resell this to you, I think you could get the warranty extended. Gym Shop has been good about repairs: the back roller was replaced in January at no cost to me. Before I leave in June, I will have a Gym Shop technician come to check all treadmill parts for needed repair.

I consistently put forty to fifty miles a week on the treadmill and think that it's a good piece of equipment. Reviews of the Crosswalk suggest that it isn't up to an intense run but I frequently do ten or eleven mile runs on it (8 - 8:20 minute/mile) and have been happy with the speed work I get done too. I have never maxed out the speed and don't plan to since a six minute mile sounds terrifying right now.

I paid almost three times what this treadmill sells for in the States. I am not looking to recoup that but if you're thinking about buying a treadmill, please consider mine. It's in good condition and to buy new elsewhere is costly. $500

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