Sunday, March 22, 2009

serve me up a plate

Plan to purchase your plates, bowls and mugs here. Prices are comparable to North America though Correll dishes are more expensive.

If you enjoy hosting dinners or just like a nicely set table, bring a few serving dishes that you like. I brought down a couple of fun plates, a few favorite serving bowls and a decorative casserole.

A set for four plates, bowls and little mugs. $15 for all SOLD

Three little bowls perfect for berries and yogurt or a late night ice cream treat. $7 for all SOLD

Assorted glasses. I think we have between a dozen and sixteen glasses. All with your name on them. $7 for all Two plastic gallon pitchers. $5 for both

A set of six of each. Plain but usable. You can't ask for much more than that. $10 for all
Plastic striped serving tray and assorted party supplies: plastic plates, cups, flatware and paper napkins. We'll throw in all of our leftover disposable serving stuff. $10 for all

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