Sunday, March 22, 2009

around the house

Be sure to bring a few things from home to help make your new apartment more familiar. Use your shipping allowance but do be aware that your return shipping allowance won't allow you to send as much stuff back to North America or on to your next destination. It's easy to find pictures, placemats, lamps, pillows, throws, and rugs here. And if you get out to the art fairs, you'll be able to decorate your space very nicely.

This might help you get a start.
Sheer white curtains, seven feet tall (long?) and just under five feet wide. We have four panels available. We also have one pale spring green panel of the same size available, good for one window. $10 a panelOne torchiere floor lamp with a dark bronze finish. $30 SOLDTwo small lamps with shades. Lamps seem more expensive here than in North America. You buy the base and shade separately so you can mix and match for the style you like. Or you can just buy ours, already mixed and matched. Good for a bedside or end table. $10 eachMake your couch (or tile floor) more comfortable with a few throw pillows. $10 for allYou might not have to do much work at home but when you do, why not use a rolling computer desk? Park it in a corner when you don't need it. $25Sometimes it's nice to have a bowl or basket to catch things. Chances are you'll get a few as gifts during the holidays but get a head start on your collection with these two. Cheap, cheap. $3 for bothThree candle holders. There's a great candle shop here in Colombia called Illuminata. The scents are wonderful. Buy these and I'll also give you any leftover Illuminata candles I have. $10 for all SOLD

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