Sunday, March 22, 2009

cooking in the kitchen

When we moved to Colombia, I packed a few of my favorite pots and pans, a baking sheet and cooling rack, and cooking utensils such as measuring spoons and cups, a mixer, favorite spoons and spatulas, and a garlic press. I suggest you do the same if you really enjoy cooking or baking.
I did find that a few things were silly to ship here, such as mixing bowls and a griddle. You can find those things, along with plastic storage containers easily and cheaply. Pots and pans are available here too for reasonable prices so if you're looking to use your shipping pounds differently just plan on purchasing those here. Or, better yet, buy mine.

Universal brand pot. Great for boiling pasta water or cooking a great soup. Also good for frying plantains. $10
Roaster. Fits a good sized chicken with room for potatoes, carrots and onions too. $10
Two plastic storage containers. Good size for flour and sugar. Or pasta and cereal or, well, whatever you want stored in plastic. $7 for both
Mixing bowls. Left to right, a glass Pyrex bowl, metal Martha Stewart, and smaller oven and microwave safe Anchor glass bowl. $5 each
Tiny Universal nonstick pan, perfect size for frying one or two eggs for a sandwich. Cheese grater with a single slice side, large and small grates, and a zester side. Blue plastic colander for pasta or rinsing fruit and smaller metal strainer good for straining fresh juice. $10 for all
Assorted kitchen utensils. Slotted spoon for fishing fried plantains from the oil. Pasta spoon, spatulas, brush, tongs, meat tenderizer, and the ever loved can opener. $20 for all
Sharp things! Two paring knives, steak knives (I think a couple were in the dish drainer when I took the picture), bread knife, corkscrew, and kitchen scissors. $15 for all

Pyrex glass pie plate, cheap cookie sheet (this is what you can find here), and two nonstick cake pans from the States. $5 for pie plate; $5 for both cake pans; $3 for cookie sheet

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